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List of resources about Enigma and The Bombe

Here’s a list of resources on some of the subjects I touched on in my Enigma-Bombe talk.

(Disclaimer: some of the links below are sponsored, which will help fund future youtube videos on The Bombe.)

The Code Book by Simon Singh is the book that started me down the road to wanting to learn more about the Bombe.  It has a great synopsis of both the Babington Plot and the Zimmerman Telegram, and how the use of encryption influenced historical events.  It also gives a very coherent explanation of how Rejewski first cracked the Enigma cipher.

Alan Turing: The Enigma is by far the most comprehensive autobiography of Alan Turing. It goes into great detail on his work on the Bombe, and includes a surprising amount of technical detail.

The amazing Bombe and Enigma simulator, built by Magnus Ekhall and Fredrik Hallenberg.

Home page for the Bombe-rebuild project at Bletchley Park.
Also, their Facebook page.

Build an Enigma machine with a Pringles tube! Hint: If you’re in the US, be careful how you print out the PDF. It’s designed for European A4 paper. If you print it out correctly on 8.5×11, then some of the edges will get cut off.

Solving the Enigma:
History of the Cryptanalytic Bombe by Jennifer Wilcox

This is a great paper on the history of the Bombe with a focus on the American Bombe and how Bletchley Park worked with the US Navy on decrypting 4-rotor Enigma messages.